Co-authored reviews

Protoplanetary disk chemistry

Öberg, Facchini & Anderson 2023, ARA&A, 63, 287

"Planets form in disks of gas and dust around young stars. The disk molecular reservoirs and their chemical evolution affect all aspects of planet formation, from the coagulation of dust grains into pebbles to the elemental and molecular compositions of the mature planet. Disk chemistry also enables unique probes of disk structures and dynamics, including those directly linked to ongoing planet formation. We review the protoplanetary disk chemistry of the volatile elements H, O, C, N, S, and P; the associated observational and theoretical methods; and the links between disk and planet chemical compositions."

Kinematic Structures in Planet-Forming Disks

Pinte, Teague, Flaherty, Hall, Facchini, Casassus 2023, PPVII, 534, 645

"Spatially resolved kinematic studies offer a new and necessary window to understand and quantify the physical processes [...] at play during planet formation and disk evolution. Recent progress, driven mainly by resolved ALMA observations, includes the detection and mass determination of embedded planets, the mapping of the gas flow around the accreting planets, the confirmation of tidal interactions and warped disk geometries, and stringent limits on the turbulent velocities. In this chapter, we [...] review our current understanding of these dynamical processes and highlight how kinematic mapping provides new ways to observe planet formation in action."

Visualizing the Kinematics of Planet Formation

Disk Dynamics Collaboration, et al. (incl. Facchini), 2020, arXiv:2009.04345

"Over the last decade, our understanding of the influence of a young planet on the dynamical structure of its parental disk has progressed significantly [...]. In concert, recent observations have shown that subtle perturbations in the kinematic structure of protoplanetary disks are found in multiple sources, potentially the characteristic disturbances associated with embedded planets. In this work, we review the theoretical background of planet-disk interactions, focusing on the kinematical features, and the current methodologies used to observe these interactions in spatially and spectrally resolved observations."

Grand challenges in protoplanetary disk modelling

Haworth, Ilee, Forgan, Facchini, et al. 2016, PASA, 33, 53

"The Protoplanetary Discussions conference-held in Edinburgh, UK, included several open sessions led by participants. This paper reports on the discussions collectively concerned with the multi-physics modelling of protoplanetary discs, including the self-consistent calculation of gas and dust dynamics, radiative transfer, and chemistry. After a short introduction to each of these disciplines in isolation, we identify a series of burning questions and grand challenges associated with their continuing development and integration. We then discuss potential pathways towards solving these challenges, grouped by strategical, technical, and collaborative developments."